Wow…Long Time No Post

     So much has happened in a year and a half. Life gets busy and takes up every second it seems. Well I’m happy to say Misfit has come a long way in that time and I’m truly happy with the new label designs I’ve come up with. I think it finally reflects my style. I was trying to be too girly in the beginning and I am definitely not girly…maybe girly goth at the most. So cute bleeding hearts, lots of black and so forth 🙂 And that’s pretty much what you get in my labels. Not to mention the font is bad ass.


     Other than that I’ve finally settled on what I make and sell. It’s a little of everything; fluff (lotion), sugar body scrubs, edible fluff, lip balm, wax tarts, jar candles, mist-fit sprays, soaps, deodorant, foaming shave soap, hand sanitizer, car beads (air fresheners), head & body bars (shampoo bars you can use in your hair & on your body) and I may add in more as I go if it’s worth adding.


     And this time I promise I’m going to keep up with this blog and post weekly to keep you updated with the going-ons at Misfit. Next weekend I’m going out of town to meet Misfit friends and I’m doing my first home party so I will definitely be blogging about that and posting pics. For those of you new to Misfit my website is:

So that’s all for now. Have a fantabulous weekend!!!!IMG_1482


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The awkward first post…

   Welcome to my blog. I wanted to make sure I put something up so you were at least assured there really is a blog; it’s not just an empty page. This venture into home business is keeping me pretty busy, but I will try to keep you up to date on the general going-ons of Misfit Eclectic.

  Some might be interested in why I chose the name I did; well it’s because I knew in the beginning that I wasn’t going to just have one or two things to sell, I love creating things too much for that. I have ideas daily that I jot down on my electronic post-it note here on my computer to remember them later. I also knew that they may be things that don’t generally make sense to sell together. For instance; wax tarts and distressed furniture. Jewelry and massage candles. Baby clothes and body scrub. Soaps and…well you get the picture I’m sure. Misfit is a screen name I took out of a song title from my favorite band, Floater and eclectic means to select the best of various styles, methods or ideas which is what I do, thus Misfit Eclectic was born. 

   I‘ve been starting out slow, building my stock, perfecting recipes, getting reviews from friends and family and trying out new ideas. Now I’m at what I call Stage 2 where I’m ready to try out craft fairs, local festivals and even flea markets. Spring is coming and that means the Strawberry Festival among other things where I will be renting booths and selling my awesome tarts and massage candles. Hopefully I have some soaps and jewelry ready too, but there’s a little hold up on that at the moment.

   My town doesn’t offer too many specialized craft stores besides Michaels and JoAnn’s, both of which have horrible selections and high prices for candle and soapmaking supplies. Which is why Stage 3 involves opening a store in town selling my creations along with creations of my friends (i.e the distressed furniture), offer classes and furniture refinishing, and sell a wide variety of soap/candle fragrances, wax, and supplies. Luckily stage 2 is when I figure out how to make this stage possible.

   So check out my site at and keep reading my blog for updates. I’m having a lot of fun figuring all this out and will try to make these posts as interesting as possible!

~ Misfit ~